Right from finding the meanings of complex words to identifying quality restaurants near us, we use Google Search. Recent stats tells us that around 40,000 search queries are made on Google every single second, which translates to over 3.5 billion per day. Google is the single most widely used search engine in the whole world. And this is why the online presence of your business in Google is very important.

People generally relate digital marketing with the type of business they are dealing with. But having an online presence is crucial irrespective of what business they adhere to. You never know when opportunities would knock on your door. Now we have small dress shops, restaurants, game shops, mobile accessory shops trying to build their online presence in Google through paid advertising and also through Search Engine Optimisation. While Google’s paid advertising way (Google AdWords) can yield you better visibility and leads within a short duration, it is SEO that will yield you long term benefits. Google AdWords is for immediate attention. For example, if you launch a new product or you are new to the business, you would have to go with AdWords to generate immediate attention. SEO is a constant process that helps business websites rise up the ladder of search engine results pages.

People have started to base their decision depending on what they see of companies in Google. Be it restaurants, people look for reviews , location , restaurant photos, menu items and so on from Google. Restaurants need to local list themselves in Google for people to view them and reach them. Same goes with companies. Companies need to have a website and build up their search engine rankings to stay competent in the ever changing marketing scenario. For example, if you are a running a store that provides unique mobile covers and cases, you want your business website to show up in the top of Search engine results page for relevant search queries. And yes, Google SEO is important for that.

Learning and understanding Google SEO, AdWords and other digital marketing techniques involves lots of knowledge and constant practice. If you are looking for the best digital marketing training in Chennai, we can be of great help to you.

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